Update: Project 3, In Bloom, now posted in Projects!

Hey Vermont Musicians!

It’s been great to see the music community so active in isolation - so much great music, tips being shared, and people making the most of a horrific situation. We’ve been brainstorming (at a safe distance) ways that we can bring the entire Vermont professional music community together to collaborate on something new and unique - some music that otherwise wouldn’t have been made. We hope that’s something you’d be into.

We’ve got some very workable ideas, but first, we need to figure out how cats are set up to be able to record themselves - from cell phones all the way up to professional home recording capacity (and anything in between!). To that end, here’s a survey to get us started. If you’d like to be a part of whatever this turns into, this will let us know what recording capacity you’re working with, and how we can involve you.

We’d love to get this to the entire Vermont professional music network - please forward as desired!

Let’s make some music!

Christopher Hawthorn, Matt LaRocca, and Kyle Saulnier