Project 3:

In Bloom

A string nonet arrangement of the Nirvana classic. Backbeats not optional.

Composed by Kurt Cobain
Arranged by Kyle Saulnier
Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Hawthorn

Letitia Quante | Brooke Quiggins | Jane Kittredge | Laura Markowitz | Stefanie Taylor | Matt LaRocca | John Dunlop | Emily Taubl | Kyle Saulnier

Project 2:

Make It Better (with friends)

This collaboration with Francesca Blanchard gives the Vermont-based singer-songwriter’s ‘Make It Better’ a sweeping orchestral arrangement from Matt LaRocca, with contributing instrumentalists from around the state and backing vocals sourced from Francesca’s local and global fan base - a border-crossing project of enormous proportions.

Composed by Francesca Blanchard
Arranged by Matthew LaRocca
Mixed by Christopher Hawthorn
Video edited by Dan Hopkins

Clarinet - Margaret Roddy // Alto Saxophone - Jake Whitesell // Baritone Saxophone - Kyle Saulnier // Trumpet - Christopher Hawthorn // Trombone - Mei Endo // Bass Guitar - Harrison Hsiang // Drum Set - Jeremy Frederick // Violin - Sofia Hirsch, Jane Kittredge, Brooke Quiggins Saulnier // Viola - Matthew LaRocca // Cello - John Dunlop, Polly Vanderputten // Double Bass - Daniel Bishop, Tyler Bolles, Kyle Saulnier // Keys - Randal Pierce

Amanda Gustafson, Brittany Langdon, Brune Reynaud, Bryan Hoyos, Caitlin Duffy, Campbell Dunsmore, Charlie Hill, Clark Freifeld, Craig Mitchell, Cynthia Foster, Ella Grace, Esme Olsen, Evan Allis, Evan Gambardella, Gilduin Blanchard, Guenael Reynaud, Hannah McKechnie, Helen Hummel, James Lockridge, Jennifer Blanchard, Jess Rhodes, Jessica NeJame, Jocelyn Ochoa, Kaylyn Bancroft, Kenzie Devlin, Kuti Martinez Rivas, Liz Werner-Gavrin, Lucia Nunez, Magny Olsen, Mark Balderston, Melissa Drake, Merilee Sader, Meshe, Paola Bennet, Patty Lynch, Philippine Reynaud, Rosie O’Leary, Salka Thali, Sasha Gunther, Shelby Hightower, Tara Byrne, Taylor Kingston, Teresa Langford, Tiphanie Doucet, Trisha Pickelhaupt, Will Madden, Zack Clarence, Zak Keller, Zak Kline

Project 1:

here behind the glass.

sourced audio from the VT music scene - compiled, layered, and chopped.
composed/produced by Kyle Saulnier
mixed and mastered by Christopher Hawthorn

featuring sounds created by:
Luke Awtry, Caleb Bronz, Jeremy Brotz, Michael Case, Mollie Coons, Matt Davide, Hilary Goldblatt, Eli Goldman, Christopher Hawthorn, Jane Kittredge, Dan Kruglak, Dan Liptak, Patricia Lynch, Jaime MacLeish, Andrew Maquera, Jeremy Mendicino, Brooke Quiggins, Dan Rome, Kyle Saulnier, Stefanie Weigand